Swiss Ice Fiddlers

String music and ice fascination
in the Swiss mountains



14.07.2022 – Viva la Via Summer Event

At the popular village promenade Via Maistra in Pontresina, a great evening program will take place on Thursday 14 July, starting at 16:00.
In addition to a wide range of gastronomic offerings such as a barbecue stand, a vegan food truck and sushi and Thai take-away, there will be activities for young and old. The program includes pony rides, handicrafts, a virtual reality experience (Birdlife Simulator), a stand and e-car from Mobility, street artists and much more. What should not be missing on this evening? Music, of course! Besides Terassenmusik, Pop/Mundart and Musica Rumauntscha, the Swiss Ice Fiddlers will offer Glacier Yoga with music. Furthermore, the MortAlive project will be presented. We are happy to participate and hope to see some of you there!